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chenille phone case

Embroidery has taken the world by storm! Learn how to make embroidered patches phone case in a few quick and simple steps that won’t take more than 10 min DIY Embroidery Patch Phone case This may look familiar, why that is you ask?we  had previously used embroidered patches to make a tassel phone case for my clients iPhone 5s back then. With embroidery taking the world by storm today, it wouldn’t be wrong to bring it back for a part two. So for those of us eyeballing some beautiful embroidered work what is the solution? Patches of course. Good news is that they are dirt cheap and can elevate just about anything (hint try a couple of them over a cross-body bag) And come Winter , who doesn’t like a good dose of Snowflake?


Now without a further adieu, let’s dive into this super quick DIY that you can whip in no-time.

With the advent of autumn and winter, the towel embroidery phone shell will also be a new choice. Now let’s talk about the design size and customization requirements of the towel embroidery phone shell.

With regard to the design of the chenille phone case, it should not be too complicated. It should be simple to show the effect of towel embroidery.

As for the size of the chenille phone case, we can accept any size, but it is worth noting that the size of the chenille part needs to match the phone case, and we only provide the part of the chenille patch.

The back of our chenille will be backed with super glue, which can be directly glued to your blank mobile phone shell. It is very convenient, fast and highly operable.

With regard to the chenille phone case, the color of the chenille part needs to be controlled within 9 colors. In fact, a patch with 3 colors may be better.

Welcome to customize the mobile phone case according to your design and size. We will give professional suggestions according to your design and size.

Post time: Nov-23-2022