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Do you like personalizing your favorite letterman jacket with a few chenille letters that describe something meaningful to you? Or do you love playing a particular sport and want to customize your sports apparel? If so, you must know how to iron on chenille letters without making a mess of your jacket.

If you’re attempting this for the first time, ironing a chenille letter to your letterman jacket can give you nightmares because you’re worried about damaging the jacket or the patch in high heat.

To help you iron on chenille letters like a pro, remember a few things before placing a hot iron on letterman letters. This article will discuss some simple steps that will allow you to iron your favorite jacket without ruining the chenille letters.

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Why Stick Chenille Letters on Your Apparel?

Wondering why you should apply chenille letters on your jackets or bags to make a statement? Well, there are several reasons behind it. We are listing a few of them below.

Chenille letters look stunning when you stick them on a jacket.

They are available in various color schemes, designs, and patterns, so you can personalize chenille letters however you want.

Chenille letters are highly customizable. You can conveniently get them custom-made by a chenille maker as per your requirement.

You don’t have to rely on a third party to stick them on your jacket. You can easily do it by placing an iron on chenille letters. We are discussing the method below as well.

Chenille letters are quite affordable. You won’t have to think twice before spending on them.

Simple Steps to Iron on Chenille Letters

For anyone who would like to personalize their jacket and make it depict something meaningful, the best way to do it is by sticking a few chenille letters to convey a message. It allows your outfit to make a statement, and there is no better way to express yourself than with a letterman jacket.

If you have indulged in sports before, you will know that chenille is commonly used for making letterman and varsity letters. You can conveniently attach them to hoodies and jackets through several methods, such as:

Sewing by hand

Sew by machine

Through local vendors


Although there are several ways for you to attach chenille letters to your favorite jacket, the easiest and the most convenient way to do it is by ironing it to the fabric. The method is pretty simple and straightforward.

But if done wrong, you could damage the chenille, so you must be careful. Here are a few simple and easy steps you can follow.

1. Turn on Your Iron to the Highest Temperature

Before patching the chenille letters to the jacket, you must turn on your iron and set it to the highest temperature. If you want the letters or the patch to stick correctly to the jacket, you must ensure your iron is scorching hot; otherwise, the patch won’t adhere.

2. Arrange the Patches

While your iron is heating up, you need to arrange your cloth on a flat surface and ensure there aren’t any visible creases on the surface where the patch is supposed to go. You must know where you’d like to stick the letters or the patch, but it would be better to do a little rerun before you place an iron on varsity letter patches.

Remember that you only have one chance to do this right. Once the chenille letters are attached to the fabric, you won’t be able to take them off without damaging the patches and the fabric. So, arranging everything in the perfect order before ironing would be better.

3. Place an Additional Cloth Between Chenille Letters and the Iron

If you’re worried that the high temperature of the iron may end up burning the chenille letters, then it would be better to keep a cotton cloth between them.

This will prevent direct contact with chenille letters and the hot iron surface, ensuring a lower burn chance. You can take a pillow cover or an old T-shirt for this purpose.

4. Iron on Chenille Letters

Now, it is time for you to place the hot iron onto the letters. Ensure the temperature is scorching and wait a few minutes before pulling the iron from the surface.

Move the iron over the letters repeatedly to ensure it is sticking correctly. Once done, iron the letters from the other side where the glue sticks to the surface. This way, you can be sure the letters adhere entirely to the fabric.

5. Final Touches

Once you have ironed the chenille patch several times, remove the cloth and see if it has adhered entirely or not. If you feel the corners of the patch are coming out, then it would be better to repeat the process.

Don’t stop until you’re satisfied with the results. It may take a few times before you get it done right. Sometimes, if the patches aren’t sticking correctly, then chances are your chenille patches are of low quality. So, always purchase from the top quality stores so you don’t waste your money.

Final Thoughts

Chenille stickers or patches have been popular for years as they are an excellent way to make a statement when playing for a sports club or a team. Nowadays, they have also become fashionable additions that make your clothes unique. You can have them designed in various colors and themes that make you stand out. Follow these simple steps to iron on chenille letters, and your desired look will be even easier to achieve.

If you are looking for an option to get Chenille stickers, you should consider Anything Chenille. The brand offers a massive variety of chenille letters and patches. You can have them designed per your requirement and need without worrying about the quality and price. You should check out their catalog to see which suits your needs best.

So, Share your preferences today, and get your letters custom-made exactly how you want them and perfectly depict your style.

Post time: Sep-12-2023