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Toothbrush embroidery

Toothbrush embroidery is a new type of embroidery that has emerged, which is used in clothing, home accessories, handicrafts and other fields.

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It is in the ordinary embroidery process, adding a certain height of accessories (such as EVA) to the fabric, and after the embroidery is completed, the embroidery thread on the EVA is repaired and smoothed with a tool, and the accessories are removed, which forms the same embroidery as my toothbrush. Commonly known as toothbrush embroidery. Toothbrush embroidery and flocking embroidery are two different concepts, and the focus of toothbrush embroidery is that the embroidery thread is like the bristles of a toothbrush. Flocking embroidery is an embroidery formed by pulling out the fluff of the flannel, and the hair is falling. In addition, toothbrush embroidery is also different from towel embroidery. Towel embroidery is to embroider the stitch towel like embroidery on the cloth surface, so that the embroidery pattern has the characteristics of multi-level, novelty, strong three-dimensional sense, etc., and can realize flat embroidery, towel embroidery mixed embroidery, greatly improve the use of computer embroidery machine and expand its application field, can be widely used in clothing, home accessories, handicrafts and other industries.

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Post time: Nov-06-2023