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When it comes to three-dimensional embroidery, there is something to say

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Three-dimensional embroidery is a kind of embroidery on a three-dimensional embroidery surface, using a special kind of wool for embroidery, a kind of embroidery with a three-dimensional effect expressed according to the drawings, which satisfies the use of embroidery technology and meets the visual space. satisfaction above.

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If we say that the most vivid three-dimensional embroidery is the imitation of cross stitch, because cross stitch is a flat hand embroidery, but three-dimensional embroidery is a three-dimensional concept, so three-dimensional embroidery is a continuation of cross stitch, or in other words A masterpiece based on the sublimation of craftsmanship.

The most commonly used occasion for general three-dimensional embroidery is the effect of home decoration. For many home furnishings, decorations, furnishings, etc., three-dimensional embroidery can be used to reflect it, just like a work of craftsmanship.

The materials used in three-dimensional embroidery also have specific requirements. Generally, they are applied to embroidery boards, plastic boards, pigments, specifications and models, etc. Most of these materials are used with transparent boards or white color choices. Some things with good form ability only need to use transparent plastic plates, which are completely determined according to the different embroidery products.

Three-dimensional embroidery has its own special drawings! The specific embroidery method should be based on the requirements of the cross stitch drawings, and the drawings have made very clear regulations on this like the cross stitch drawings. 

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