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Custom toothbrush embroidered Patches

Short Description:

Toothbrush embroider patches it is the newest embroidered styles patches of the all kinds of patches. It is in the basic of the ordinary embroidery process to add a certain height of accessories (such as EVA) to the fabric, after the completion of embroidery, using the embroider special tools to repair and flatten the embroidery thread on EVA, remove the EVA accessories, which came ou to toothbrush-shaped embroidery.

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As the threads together looks like the Toothbrush which we usually that was why we name it  as toothbrush embroidery patches.

Nowadays, toothbrush embroider patches widely used at clothing, bags products, shoes products, hat products etc as a decorations, which makes it fashionable. If you want your garments and the other products fashionable, you can add the new styles toothbrush embroidered patches.

It is touch very soft and thousands of polyester threads together make it as 3D effect, with Iron on backing, it is very easy apply onto your clothing as well as embroidered patches.

If your design with Gradient colors requirements, which custom toothbrush embroidered patches will really meet your needs. It’s available and make it looks like high end technology.

Here please check more details images for you to know more about the toothbrush embroider patches.

Know more about toothbrush embroider patches with different types

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Know more about toothbrush embroider patches with different types

Numbers of toothbrush embroider patches

If you are looking for high end technology embroider patches and want to makes your design difference between with the original embroider patches, which toothbrush embroider patches which will be suitable for your side. 

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Letters of toothbrush embroider patches

We know that the most popular embroider patches at recent it is the chenille letters patches, which it is very suitable for the thick clothing, like sweatshirt and hoodies, we would like to let you know, the toothbrush embroider patches also very suitable for this kinds of clothing and this new design effects which make your clothing different, while the letters chenille patches not suitable for many color or Gradient colors. Toothbrush embroider patches will be your best choice at this Situation

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Images of toothbrush embroider patches

Toothbrush embroider patches also support many details effect, if your designs needs many details parts with gradient color, toothbrush embroider patches can make it come true perfect.

Toothbrush embroider patches also can combined with embroider and chenille patches artworks together, some parts can do embroider and some parts for chenille some parts for toothbrush, it will be combined with several embroider technologies to come out a completely patches. That will be wonderful and looks very amazing! 

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