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Custom toothbrush embroidered Patches

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Toothbrush embroider patches it is the newest embroidered styles patches of the all kinds of patches. It is in the basic of the ordinary embroidery process to add a certain height of accessories (such as EVA) to the fabric, after the completion of embroidery, using the embroider special tools to repair and flatten the embroidery thread on EVA, remove the EVA accessories, which came ou to toothbrush-shaped embroidery.

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How to Distinguish Between toothbrush patches and flocking embroider patches

Toothbrush embroidery and flocking embroidery are two different concepts. Toothbrush embroidery focuses on embroidery thread standing up like the hair of a toothbrush. Flocking embroidery is a kind of embroidery formed by pulling out the fluff of velvet cloth, and the hair is falling down.
In addition, toothbrush embroidery is different from towel embroidery. Towel embroidery is the embroidery stitch towel embroidery on the cloth surface, so that the embroidery pattern has the characteristics of multi-level, novelty, strong three-dimensional sense, and can realize the mixed embroidery of plain embroidery and towel embroidery, which greatly improves the use grade of the computerized embroidery machine and expands its application field, and can be widely used in clothing, household accessories, handicrafts and other industries.


How to apply the custom toothbrush embroider patches?

Custom toothbrush embroider patches suitable for iron onto your accessories, also can sew onto your clothing. In order to protect the standing thread we mostly suggest our clients to apply to the clothing /bags with sewing. 

Recommended for:

  1. Summer T shirt
  2. Leisure suit
  3. Leisure Shoes
  4. Hats /caps
  5. All kinds of Bags 

Making your own design toothbrush Patches With These Outstanding Service

  • 1. No minimum order
  • 2. iron on & Sewing backing are available
  • 3. 3D effects and gradient colors requirements are all available
  • 4. Fast turn around time
  • 5. Fast shipping available

What is toothbrush embroidery, the application field of toothbrush embroidery

What is toothbrush embroidery, the application field of toothbrush embroidery, what is toothbrush embroidery, and what are the application fields of toothbrush embroidery?

In the ordinary embroidery process, a certain height of accessories (such as EVA) is added to the fabric. After the embroidery is completed, the embroidery thread on the EVA is repaired and flattened with tools, and the accessories are removed to form an embroidery with the shape of my toothbrush. . Commonly known as toothbrush embroidery.

Toothbrush embroidery and flocking embroidery are two different concepts. The embroidery thread of toothbrush embroidery stands up like the bristles of a toothbrush. Flocking embroidery is an embroidery formed by pulling out the fluff of the flannel, and the hair is down

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Frequently Asked Questions for Custom PVC Rubber Patches

Is there a size limit for custom toothbrush patches?

The maximum size of a toothbrush patch is around 8CM, and the most common custom size is 2 inches or 3 inches. If you need to customize a larger patch, you can communicate with us via email.

Are there colors restrictions for custom toothbrush  patches?

Usually, we provide up to 9 colors free of charge. If more than 9 colors are required, there may be some additional surcharge depending on the difficulty of the design.

What is the minimum order quantity?

In principle, we do not set the minimum order quantity requirement, but if you order 100 pieces patches, it can better save your cost.

How long is the sample time and bulk production time?

The sample time is 7 days. And the time for mass production is about 10 days, which also depends on the quantity of the orders.

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