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Custom sublimation patches

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We realize that some custom embroidered patches have many details and colors requirements and the embroidered patch often limited by color and complexity details. Heart transfer printing can solve this problem, but the printed patches do not appear to have an embroidery effect. We normally combined embroidery and sublimation printing to create a new kind of patch, the sublimation patch.

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Small details and multiple colors will be not limited the sublimation patches. First, we will embroidery the patch's outline with white threads and then print all the details on the white embroidery patch with sublimation printing. Then A colorful and detailed sublimation embroidery patches have been created. The printed colors make the sublimation patch's color look very realistic.

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What Is The Difference Between Sublimation Patches And Printed Patches?

Sublimation patches

Sublimation patches are used with white embroidery threads to embroider the details first and then print the pattern onto the paper. Finally, the design will print on a white embroidered patch by hot pressing. Sublimation printing will not limit the colors, which means that your custom embroidered patches can be in unlimited colors. Of course, a sublimation patch's cost will more expensive than a standard embroidered patch or a printed patch. Because its cost is an embroidered patch adds sublimation printing, two costs combined. If your budget is adequate and you want to make a colorful embroidered patch with unlimited colors and details, the sublimation patch is the best choice.

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Printed Patch

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Printed patch production method is relatively simple. It just needs to print the pattern on paper and then hot-pressed the design onto the white twill fabric or satin fabric pattern to complete. That makes the surface of the printed patch look very smooth. The print production also allows the printed patch to be unrestricted by the number of colors, enabling your custom printed patch to be in unlimited colors and details. Low cost and fast turnaround time are the absolute advantages of printed patches. If your budget is limited and you want to get these patches quickly, a printed patch is the best option.

DIY Your Own sublimation Patches

When you think about creating your own custom patch, maybe you have many ideas that you want to fulfill. That's great! Come and work with our professional design team. We offer a wealth of options and ideas to help you achieve the results you want. We will walk you through each design step, explaining each step's process and what is best for your patch design. With more than 15years of experience in design and production, we can bring your ideas to fruition quickly, when we say what works and what doesn't work, you can trust us.

Custom Sublimation Patches With These Outstanding Service

1. Free sample for pre-production, 2. Unlimited colors, 3. Free for plastic backing, 4. Free for Merrow border


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