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Customized chenille patch with soft and attractive touch

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Chenille is the French word for caterpillar, which refers to the texture and short pile of fabric that give patches a soft carpet like touch. A letterman jacket would not be the same without its chenille patches, Chenille Patches made by vaulted yarn weave to create fluffy. These fuzzy threads do not show the details very well. Where they shine are bold, colorful pieces with simple letters or styles. Also, chenille patches’ backing available same as embroidered patches’ backing, such as iron-on backing, adhesive backing, and more.

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Types of Chenille Patches (about your design)

Chenille State Patches

Use chenille state patches to commemorate tournament appearances, participation, successful seasons, and state titles or championships in your home area. State jacket patches are cut into your state's shape and can be personalized with your choice of colors, text, and design.

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Numbers, Positions, and Weight Classes

Our custom design numbers, positions, and weight classes jacket patches are yet another way for your students to customize their varsity jackets. Allow your students to proudly show off their athletic prowess, weight classes, and player numbers. The options are endless! Custom jacket patches allow you to create corresponding numbers and letters of any kind on your students' varsity jackets and be completely customized and personalized.

Chenille Year of Graduation Patches

Your students' varsity jackets will sure make an impact with chenille graduation year patches! They will proudly display graduation year with our two-digit graduation year jacket patches, custom jacket patches with tails, and block graduation patch.

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Script Chenille Names and Words Patches

These chenille jacket patches are as personalized as you get! And with our digitized builder, you can see a virtual preview of almost anything you want to display on your  letterman jackets or varsity jackets.

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Chenille Academic Patches

Recognize scholarly achievements with our timeless collection of academic patches, featuring a wide range of scholarly designs, including torches, lamps, and scrolls. Add your scholarly achievements or school name to your academic jacket patches for a great patch.

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Chenille Numerals, Stars, Bars, and Chevrons Patches

Identify student participation and exemplary achievements with traditional chenille numerals, stars, bars, and chevrons. Our collection is as classic as you can get. If tradition runs deep in your school, honor your history with custom-made patches. 

Chenille Monograms Patches

If your school or sport team name has more than one letter, we are proud to offer the highest-quality chenille monograms patches. You can combine the 26 letters and numbers 0-9 all of you need.

Chenille Mascot Patches

Select a design from our collection of chenille mascot patches for a bold design that displays your school brand and spirit. Customize our stock mascots with your school colors, or reach out to us directly to create a custom mascot patch that's 100% unique. Choose from a wide range of traditional mascot patches. No matter your choice, our custom patches will beautifully display school your pride and participation.

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Greek alphabet, AKA , delta shield

Custom chenille patches use a vaulted yarn weave to make a design really stand out with color and texture. They work best with designs with 1-3 colors and minimal detail.

Recommended for

Letterman jackets

Sports teams

Fashion brands looking for an iconic, All-American look

Designs with minimal details

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