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Embroidery patches (Flat embroidery )

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A great, and inexpensive way, to add a touch of flair and finesse to your clothing is with an embroidery patch. Versatile in terms of size, shape and color, and uses, they can really help your pieces to stand out and give them a signature look. Much like a varsity letter on a jacket or a family crest on the breast of a shirt, they command attention and make shoppers notice them, and your collection. They are also quite practical, as you can use them for logos, team numbers and more, so they can fit in any collection.

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Embroidery Patches : Make Your Brand Stand Out

Embroidered patches, when done right, lend an air of authority and exclusivity to a line, making it look and feel more high end. They can also extend the life of pieces, such as in the case of an athletic or school team, allowing you to change names or number on shirts, jackets and more. That’s why no matter what you use them for, you need high-quality patches that are made and applied right.

Here at YIDA we can provide you with embroidered patches that are of the finest craftsmanship. We have spent years fine-tuning our technique so that we can provide you with the best patches on the market.  

And if you need help creating a patch, not to worry because our design and graphics team can help you come up with exactly what you need. YIDA will never give you less than perfection, so you can give your customers perfect pieces every time.

What's The Difference Between Embroidered Patches, Printed Patches, and Woven Patches?

Embroidered patches have the thickest thread and will give you an excellent patch look. But it needs to be large enough to show the details of the pattern. If you have intricate details or text, we recommend going with woven patches because your artwork will "pop" and stand out clearly on embroidered patches.  

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Printed patches have an even surface with a merrowed edge, where the design of your artwork will stand out nicely while still giving you the patch style that you desire. It is the cheapest of all custom patches. If you are looking for an affordable patch, it is the best choice.

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Woven patches use a thinner yard than embroidered patches' thread, so you still get a patch that looks like the embroidered patch, but the whole concept of your artwork will be clear once the weaving is complete. It will allow for more small details and letters.

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Base Materials 

The base material forms the foundation of your patch. That is what the threads is sew into it. If your patch is not 100% embroidered, it will appear on the embroidered patch's surface. Common raw materials are Twill, Felt, Pu leather, Real leather, reflect, and more. Here are some common base materials our customer used: 

Twill Fabric

Twill fabric is the most commonly used base material and has a distinct texture on its surface. This material is light and thin, suitable for iron-on patches or generally embroidered patches.

Felt Fabric

Felt fabric base material is usually available in 1MM and 2MM thickness. If you're looking for a patch that looks thick, but is light, felt fabric base material is the best option.

Reflective Fabric

Reflective fabric has a reflective effect in the night light, which is mostly used in the clothing patches or police patches and sanitation workers working at night.

Backing Options

We provide various backing for your custom patches, such as Iron-on backing, , Adhesive backing, Velcro backing, Paper backing, Pin backing and more. If you are not sure what kind of backing you need, please let us know your patch usage and give you the best Suggestion. Here are some backing of our customer used:

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Border Styles

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We offer a variety of border options, such as Hot cut border, Merrow border, Laser cut border, Frayed border, and more. Here are some common base materials our customer used: 


Hot Cut Border

It allows the custom patches to have more complex custom shapes with many in-cuts and sharp angles, so when your custom patch shape is very complex, it is the best border for choice. 

Merrow Border

Merrow Border offers a very classic look. It's the most common choice if the custom patch shape is a circle, oval, rectangle, shield. It makes the border of the custom patch look slightly raised and thick.

Laser Cut Border

A Laser-cut border is cut down along the fabric, possessing a clean and neat appearance. The reserved fabric boundary should be at least 1MM wide, which is usually reserved for sewing.

Premium Options

We have offered a wide range of accessories and options for you to choose from. Here are some of our customers' standard premium options:

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Metallic Threads

The metallic thread has a gorgeous appearance and eye-catching designs special to help you make your Patches stand out in a crowd. We have dozens of colors to choose from so that your design will never be restricted.


Glow in The Dark Threads

It absorbs light during the day or where there is a light source, and then will light up at night or in the dark. We have more than ten colors to choose from to make your patches brighter and more eye-catching in the dark!

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Reflective Threads

Reflective threads has a reflective effect in the night light, which is mostly used in the clothing patches or police patches and sanitation workers working at night.

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