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Yida 3D Puff Embroidery (3mm Thick)

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3D embroidery uses a foam base to achieve a three dimensional effect. The foam comes in Black, Grey, Red and White, which allows us to best match the cap and thread colour to give a clean crisp finish.  We stock 3mm thick foam which allows the design to sit away from the base and reduces the chance of the design being flattened as the machine embroiders over it, as you can see from the above examples.

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In terms of the embroidery side of the technique there a number of subtle differences to take into account when creating your design.

3D embroidery works best with block or large round shaped letters and logos. Artwork for puff embroidery should have rounded corners so that the needle perforates the corners of the design and covers the foam completely making your design come alive.

Good spacing between letters or shapes is also required with puff as the foam causes the shapes to expand which in turn closes spacing i.e. letters will touch if spacing is not correct.  We would suggest at least a 3mm gap between individual elements of the design, to allow for a clean and crisp finish

We would advise against any design with lots of detail, such as crests and scripted text and as a rule of thumb lettering or elements of the logo must be at least 3mm width, anything less than this will end up in the foam coming through the stitching or worse being lost all together leaving a messy looking design. 

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Unlike traditional flat designs, 3D puff embroidery is a creative approach. 3D Puff embroidery uses foam underlining to achieve an extreme three-dimensional effect. It places a special foam under the stitches to make the design "puff-up", or "raised". It is more three-dimensional to decorate your hats, bags, apparel, jackets, and pants with block or large round-shaped letters

We always try our best to help clients in offering the creative process to produce incredible finished 3D foam embroidery patterns. If you need a reliable 3D puff embroidery supplier, welcome to contact us for more cooperation details!

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